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DOSLY GAMES -Gaming Earbuds tws bluetooth Low-Latency Gaming Headset DS-15

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This Gaming Earbuds is precisely touchable, and it is touched at one point. When the cased opened, the magic LED lights are displayed. The lighting effect changes with the mode switching, and the gaming atmosphere is instantly ignited. ANC noise reduction, high-definition and stable calls, isolation of external sounds, elimination of interference, and passionate preparations allow you to enjoy the games. Support single ear call, both earphones can be used independently. Opening the case and earphone paired automatically without waiting. Bluetooth 5.0, longer connection distance, strong anti-interference, more concentrated and stronger game signal, 10m stable link, low latency in games, continuous sound in movies, strong compatibility, and low power consumption. Comfortable to wear, no pain, firm fit to the ear canal, luxurious sound quality, immersive, Hifi stereo sound, just like being in a theater

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