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Nintendo Switch Controller Replacement Wireless Bluetooth Switch Pro With Wake-up Turbo Function DS-7200 Blue Color

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1. Support SWITCH PRO all buttons function and wake up switch function;
2. Support Apple MFI agreement games, support IOS13.4+ system, MAC OS system;
3. Support Android 6+ gamepad standard functions;
4. Support Windows wired and Bluetooth function connection (XINPUT mode);
5. Support 2.4G connection mode (XINPUT mode/DINPUT mode/Pro mode);
6. Support TURBO and automatic TURBO functions, support TURBO frequency adjustment;
7. Support asymmetric double vibration, support vibration frequency adjustment;
8. Support single button copy and operation gesture recording function of back button;
9. Support back button function status switching (fighting mode/shooting mode);
10. 8-color RGB lighting display, support lighting adjustment;
11. Support A, B/X, Y button software function exchange;
12. Support true six-axis yroscope (can be self-corrected);
13. Support software system upgrade;”

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