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D65 Nintendo Switch Pro Controller with Gyro Axis Motion Control Dual Vibration

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STRONG COMPATIBILITY – Our Switch pro controller can be compatible with Switch all new consoles, Apple (IOS/MAC devices), computers (Windows) and Android devices, and supports Switch all series, including updates, Win 7+ system, Android 6+ System. Such strong compatibility allows you to play games without any worries!

GOOD VIBRATION FEEDBACK – This replacement of switch controllers game remote controller supports dual vibration and motion control functions, and has a 6-axis gyroscope somatosensory, which can better achieve high-precision direction control. Good vibration feedback can enhance the pleasure of playing games.

3 CONNECTION METHODS, MORE FREE OPERATION – This Switch Pro controller supports 3 connection methods: 1. Wireless Bluetooth connection, which can be connected with Bluetooth function console, mobile phone, tablet computer, TV and TV box; 2. Wired connection, using USB cable connect with Windows computer, TV and TV box; 3. 2.4G receiver connection, use 2.4G receiver to connect with those devices without Bluetooth function, such as desktop, TV and TV box and PS3 console.

IMMERSIVE SENSE OF CONTROL – Our Switch wireless controller joystick also supports Turbo and automatic Turbo and frequency adjustment, asymmetric double shock and vibration adjustment, which can bring you an immersive sense of combat. Plug and play design, without any additional drivers and complicated installation steps. Enjoy the game, right now!

ERGONOMIC DESIGN – The triggers, joysticks and buttons of this wireless switch controller are suitable for the size of your fingers, and you can operate and control it precisely. The ergonomically designed controller shape fits your palm better, so you will not feel tired and painful even if you grip it for a long time.

1.Compatible Platform: for Switch all New Console, Apple(IOS/MAC devices),Computer(Windows)and Android Devices

2.Supporting System: Switch All Series including update, Win 7+ System,Android 6+ system

3.Support 3 Connecting Ways, A. Wireless Bluetooth Connected, can be connected with Bluetooth Function Console, Cell Phone, tablet,TV and TV box, B. Wired Connected, using USB cables to connect with Windows Computer, TV and TV box, C.2.4G Receiver Connected, Using 2.4 Receiver to connect with those devices without Bluetooth function, like Desktop Computer,TV and TV box and PS3 console.

4.Having additional independent “SET” button, can define and change the function of the buttons

5.Can support taking a video for 25 buttons how to play the games and how to press the buttons

6.Support Turbo and Automatically Turbo and Frequency Adjustment, Asymmetrically double shock and Vibrations Sensation Adjustment

7.Back Side having two additional buttons with Customized Programming Function(30s video storage for 25 button performance) and With Real Six axis and self revision, and also Support software updates

8.Supporting function interchange for left joystick and D-Pad, And interchange for A,B button to X,Y Buttons

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